10 Free Baby Afghan Blanket Patterns

Crochet baby afghan blankets are the ideal project to work on. They’re not only adorable, but they make great gifts. Crochet baby blankets are also great for donating to charities or adding to your collection if you plan to sell your completed works at a craft fair.

The next time you’re looking for a cute project to work on, why not try one of these baby afghans? Here are our favorite 15 free crochet patterns for baby afghan blankets:

1. ABC Baby Afghan

There’s something adorable about creating a baby blanket with letters of the alphabet on it. This free crochet pattern is quick and easy to make and looks wonderful when it’s complete. Get creative and make it in a range of different colors!

ABC Baby Blocks Afghan

You can find the free crochet pattern here: ABC Baby Blocks Afghan

2. Star Crochet Baby Blanket

When you really want a crochet blanket that stands out, this Star Crochet Baby Blanket is a great project. It’s actually much easier than you might think. The site will make you register your email address in order to access the pattern.

Star Baby Blanket

You can find the free crochet pattern here: Star Baby Blanket

3. Hexapuff Crochet Baby Blanket

If you’re after a crochet project that is a little different, this Hexapuff crochet blanket is ideal. You can customize it and use your favorite colors or make it as large or small as you wish.

Hexapuff crochet blanket

You can find the free crochet pattern here: Hexapuff Crochet Blanket

4. Tiramisu Baby Blanket

Alicia Paulson’s Tiramisu Baby Blanket is perhaps one of the most popular free crochet patterns around at the moment. It’s quick and easy to make, using really basic stitches and looks gorgeous when it’s done.

Tiramisu Baby Blanket

You can find the free crochet pattern on Alicia Paulson’s website: Tiramisu Baby Blanket

5. Pink Petals Baby Afghan

This lacy design uses easy stitches to create a lovely effect. Use any pastel shade you like to create different effects.

pink petals baby blanket

You can get the free crochet pattern here: Pink Petals Baby Afghan

6. Baby Blocks Afghan

Create individual blocks with letters on them with this easy-to-follow pattern. The letters themselves are sewn into the block by following the charts provided. There’s also a pattern for a matching bib.

baby blocks afghan

You can access the free crochet pattern here: Baby Blocks Crochet Afghan

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7. Roses Baby Blanket

The Roses Baby Blanket is a quick crochet project made up of individual squares sewn together. Use the same cute pastel colors to create the same effect, or mix and match your favorite colors to create something different.

roses baby blanket

The free crochet pattern is here: Roses Baby Blanket

8. Pastel Ripple Baby Blanket

The Pastel Ripple Baby Blanket uses basic stitches to create a lovely ripple effect. The pattern is also really easy to follow, so it’s ideal for beginners.

pastel ripple baby blanket

You’ll find the free crochet pattern here: Pastel Ripple Baby Blanket

9. Ripple Preemie Blanket

If you need a crochet project for a preemie, this Ripple Preemie Blanket uses basic stitches, so it’s easy and the finished piece is gorgeous. It’s also ideal for a donation project, as it’s quick to complete.

ripple preemie blanket

You can access the free crochet pattern here: Ripple Preemie Blanket

10. Baby Girl’s Heart Crochet Blanket

This pretty Baby Girl’s Heart crochet blanket can be made to suit any color palette you like. The pattern uses a chart where one square represents one stitch.

hearts baby afghan free crochet pattern

The free crochet pattern is here: Baby Girl’s Hearts Crochet Blanket

You’ll also need to learn the tapestry-style of crochet to complete this pattern (tutorial here)



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