10 Free Crochet Tissue Box Cover Patterns


Crochet tissue box covers are a fun way to dress up your tissue boxes and your home at the same time. The fun part about being able to crochet your own tissue box covers is that you can mix and match colors, styles, and shapes to suit your personal creativity and flair.  You can choose quirky or fun patterns, or work with more classical crochet styles, depending on your preferences.

So here are 10 free crochet tissue box patterns for you to choose from.


Lego Block Tissue Box Cover

lego block crochet tissue box cover

My nephew absolutely LOVES Lego blocks, so this pattern for a crochet Lego cover appealed to me right away.  This Lego tissue box cover could be a fun way to decorate a kid’s room or playroom in whatever their favorite color is.


Crochet Chiffon Cake Tissue Box Cozy

Crochet Chiffon Cake Tissue Box Cover

I adore this free pattern for a fruit-topped Chiffon Cake tissue cozy. In fact, I’ve made a few of these crochet chiffon cake tissue box covers for various family members already.  However, in Australia we call this type of fruit-topped cake a Pavlova, so my mother-in-law calls hers a Pavlova tissue cover.


Chocolate Yellow Cake Tissue Cover

chocolate cake tissue cover

Sticking with the cake-theme, I just HAD to make a smaller cozy to cover the smaller sized box. This free pattern for a Chocolate Yellow Cake tissue cover is ideal, especially when you start getting creative with different flavors and toppings on your cake covers. Yum!

Birdhouse Tissue Box Cover

This free pattern for a crochet birdhouse tissue cover is just so cute! It’s an easy pattern to follow, so it’s a nice project to work on when you want to finish something quickly.


Lacy Flower Basket Tissue Cover

lacy flower basket tissue cover

I love this free crochet pattern for a lacy flower basket tissue cover. It’s also really nice if you change the color to brown and create a little picnic basket with cute little crochet food sticking up at the top.

Watermelon Crochet Tissue Box Cover

There’s something summery about this free watermelon tissue cover pattern that would look great in my kitchen. It’s definitely going on my to-do list for next summer’s crochet projects!

 Musical Roses Tissue Box Cover

This Musical Roses Tissue Box Cover is great for those who are musically inclined. Personally, I’d go hunting for a pattern to make crochet roses instead of using plastic ones, but that’s just me 🙂

Flower Tissue Box Cover

flower tissue box cover

If you want to decorate your home and your tissues with something a little more traditional, you might  a free pattern for a crochet flower tissue box cover. You can personalize it with your favorite colors and change the flowers to whatever you want. Nice!


Halloween and Thanksgiving Tissue Covers

Halloween tissue cover

Change up your tissue box covers to suit the holidays. These free crochet patterns for Halloween tissue covers or Thanksgiving tissue covers are a great way to decorate to suit the occasion.

Pumpkin Pie Slice Tissue Cozy

pumpkin pie tissue cozy

I always carry a pack of those little travel pocket tissues in my handbag. The problem with those little packs is that the plastic ends up giving way, which leaves me with a jumble of tissues at the bottom of my bag. So it made sense to me to create a little cozy to keep those tissues organized. That’s where this free crochet pattern for a pumpkin pie slice tissue cozy works so well for me.


Pocket Travel Tissue Cozy

pocket travel tissue cover

If you don’t like the idea of carrying a slice of pie around with you, perhaps this quick and easy free pattern for pocket travel tissue cozy works better for you.


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