10 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

 10 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

10 Free Halloween Decorations

Crochet Patterns

Decorate your home or office with these free Halloween crochet patterns! We’ve scoured the internet looking for some of the coolest free Halloween crochet patterns we could find for you to make this season.  Whether you’re after a quick crochet project or something more intricate, there are plenty of Halloween decorations to choose from.

  1. Boo Ghosts

These cute little ghosts make a great table-topper decoration or use them to scare up a giggle from trick or treaters. The pattern is easy to follow and they’re quick to make!

Boo Ghost free crochet pattern

You can find the free crochet pattern here: Boo Ghosts Crochet Pattern

2. Candy Corn Banner

This adorable Candy Corn banner is a quick and easy Halloween decoration to make. You can make your banner as long as you want. Get creative and change the faces on each one!

candy corn banner

The free crochet pattern is available from Red Heart: Candy Corn Banner

3.Ghostly Candy Bowl

Keep plenty of candy ready for trick or treaters this Halloween with a Ghostly Candy Bowl. Aside from being a handy place to stash your candy, it’s also a great Halloween decoration.

Ghostly Candy Bowl

The free crochet pattern is available from Red Heart: Ghostly Candy Bowl

4. Halloween Tree of Spookiness

Create a spooky scene at your Halloween party with this free crochet pattern for a Halloween Tree of Spookiness. Add as many different spooky characters as you want to adorn your tree.

Halloween tree of spookiness

You can download the free crochet pattern at Red Heart: Halloween Tree of Spookiness

5. Yarn Cemetery

Create your own yarn cemetery with this free crochet pattern. Make multiple graves and headstones to fill up your own little cemetery.

Yarn cemetery

The free crochet pattern is here: Yarn Cemetery

6. Halloween Party Banner

Create a spook-tacular mood at your Halloween party with a crochet Halloween party banner. Customize your banner so it’s as long or short as you want. Change the faces or add more spooky characters.

Halloween party banner crochet pattern

You’ll find the free crochet pattern at Red Heart: Halloween Party Banner

7. BOO! Coasters Crochet Pattern

Decorate and protect the table at the same time with these cool BOO! Coasters.

Boo coasters

Download the free crochet pattern here: BOO! Coasters

8. Scary Halloween Pumpkin

There are plenty of cute pumpkin free crochet patterns floating around, but not many scary ones – that’s why this guy had to make our Top 10 list of Halloween decorations. Give the trick or treaters a scare with this Scary Halloween Pumpkin! He really adds a spooky feel with those nasty teeth.


You’ll find the free crochet pattern here: Scary Halloween Pumpkin

9. Jack Skellington Wreath

Welcome the neighborhood trick or treaters at the door with a Jack Skellington wreath. It’s a quick and easy pattern to follow, so it won’t take long to decorate your front door with a spooky wreath.


The free crochet pattern is available to download from Ravelry: Jack Skellington Wreath

10. Halloween Crochet Bat

This little bat is more cute than spooky, but he’ll still make a great Halloween decoration to add to your home. He’s also really quick to make, so create several in a range of colors to really set the tone at your Halloween party.

halloween crochet bat

Download the free crochet pattern here: Halloween Crochet Bat


If you’ve created any of these crochet patterns, we’d love to see how they turned out. Share your finished pieces with us on our Facebook page.


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